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It is a boot without a disk and PXE. ISHAREDISK CracK is a without-disk network management tool that approves consolidated control over computers and information in LAN. Download it for free.


ISHAREDISK Fracture creates a top-notch network. Users can utilize the diskless boot system with a wide variety of goods and integrated solutions, and it can fulfill the demands of the campus, services, internet cafes, security, corporate, hotel, and KTV-Box-VOD industries.

It hence demonstrates suitability for a range of system solutions. selecting an operating system depending on the extent of smart storage data utilization. IShareDisk’s keygen accesses the cache in advance to give users quicker access to data. It makes use of the SSD hard drive’s performance when completely pulled. the hard disk’s “humanised” user interface. Which is significantly quicker and easier to use since it has integrated DHCP, PXE, iPXE, TFTP download mirror, iSCSI functionality, and iSCSI hard disc boot. It hence demonstrates suitability for a range of system solutions. Option of

To make sure the client is up and running, a server fallback is constantly available. Linie is still happy since the optimum performance and system stability are ensured by this clever load balancing.
The robust virtual hard drive from ISHAREDISK Patch supports seven different types of mirror image file formats, including ISO, VirtualBox VDI, Microsoft Virtual PC, VHD, and IMG. Quick installation is readily accessible thanks to Boot-Any-Where technology, and a diskless boot image file is the most popular option because it supports all common motherboards and network devices.

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Features of ISHAREDISK Crack

  • Support for Windows and Linux: Using a network or USB drive, the application can boot Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008/R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Ubuntu, and Centos. VHD
  • Support The Windows system starts up using the VHD raw boot technology, which eliminates the need to read the cache beforehand. This allows each user to get info more quickly. Additionally, the software fully utilizes the SSD hard drive’s capabilities. When the server is not running, VHD can still be launched.
  • User-friendly interface Hard disc v1.7 offers appropriate solutions because of the integrated DHCP, iPXE, PXE, and iSCSI capability, as well as the TFTP download mirror, which significantly speeds up and simplifies booting without a hard drive.
  • Humanistic interconnect: The hard disc v1.7’s integrated DHCP, iPXE, PXE, and iSCSI features, as well as the TFTP download mirror, enable booting without a hard drive considerably quicker and more practical and hence provide viable solutions for a range of system issues.
  • Operating system range of choice: The bootloader can quickly launch a variety of operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows 7, using a variety of system menu features.
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